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The Administration Dept.
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The City of Maywood is a general law city incorporated on September 2, 1924.  It is governed by the City Council/City Manager form of government.  The City Manager is appointed by the Council to oversee the activities of the city.  The City Manager serves as the chief executive officer of the City.  The City Manager is responsible for the daily administration and operation of all City operations, including overseeing Finance, Planning and Building, Police Services, Public Works, Parks, and Recreation.  The City Manager is responsible for implementing the policy decisions of the City Council.  Additional duties of the City Manager include: (1) Representing the City in legislative matters at the state and federal government levels; (2) Working with other agencies in addressing regional issues; (3) Overseeing operations of City Hall and services to the community; (4) Providing information to the Council in a timely manner including formulation of City Council agendas.
The City Manager for the City of Maywood is Ms. Lilian Myers. The following is a summary of the City Manager’s compensation:  $15,000 month; two year term commencing on April 11, 2011 and continuing until April 10, 2013; fully paid Health and Life insurance.  On December 10, 2012, the City Council approved a First Amendmend to the City Manager Employment Agreement to extend her term for an additional three years commencing on April 11, 2013 and continuing until April 10, 2016.



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