Engineering & Public Works

Emergency Contact

Several organizations provide utility services to the City of Maywood. Please contact them directly in the event of an emergency. If they do not answer, please contact 

East Los Angeles Sheriff's Station.

Phone: 323-264-4151 or 911
5019 E 3 Street
East Los Angeles CA. 90022  

Department Responsibilities

The Engineering Department is responsible for the design, inspection, and administration of public works improvements within the City.  The department handles most engineering needs through BPR Consulting Group; including design, field survey and construction inspection. 

Land Development Activities

  • Certification and final review of public improvements
  • Construction inspection
  • Drafting of development agreements 
  • Plan review

Environmental Projects

  • Enforcement of erosion control standards
  • Landfill closures
  • Preservation of wetlands and flood plains.
  • Site remediation
  • Storm water management

Other Department Functions

  • Intersection capacities and conditions
  • Road capacities and conditions
  • Traffic safety

Local Road Safety Plan (LRSP)

The Local Roadway Safety Plan (LRSP) was created by Maywood to help provide a framework in order to identify, analyze, and develop traffic safety enhancements on the City's roadway network. The LRSP report helps identify and emphasize areas that will in turn help inform and continue to guide safety evaluations. 

The LRSP also analyzes collision data that helps identify high-crash locations, high-risk locations, and citywide trends and patterns. Please answer the questions below. 

The project timeline can be found below. 


City Engineering Publications & News