Mayor Frank Garcia

Council Member Frank Garcia

Frank Garcia, Mayor


Term: Expires November 2024
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On November 3, 2020 Frank Garcia was elected to serve A four-year term on the Maywood City Council.

Mayor Frank Garcia has been living in Maywood for 20 years along with his wife Lili and his son Giovanni. Mayor Garcia brings very unique skills and experience to the council. At present he serves as a Committee Representative at the Carpenters / Contractors Cooperation Committee Inc. working in conjunction with the Labor Commissioner in 6 states protecting workers’ rights by monitoring construction projects for possible wage theft and tax fraud. Mayor Garcia has also been a union carpenter for over 15 years with experience in budget management, leading crews of skilled carpenters to efficiently execute and complete projects ahead of schedule and under budget quotas, and a collaborative approach in driving innovation.; experience he applies to his role on the City Council. In addition, Mayor Garcia has been an ardent and active volunteer in the City of Maywood.

Mayor Garcia, believes in good governance with ethics and a drive for excellence. He strives to bring his strong strict work ethic and discipline to the way government functions and continually challenges himself, his colleagues and the staff to strive for higher standards, as he believes this will translate to the City’s progress and improvement of the lives of Maywood residents. Frank focuses on making decisions based on data and facts when making decisions for what is best for the residents of the City of Maywood and having open and transparent communication with residents. He strongly believes that the local government should be focused on community service and not politics.

 Mayor Garcia takes pride in being able to give back to the community and to be able to inspire others to do the same. He is excited to leverage his experience, skills and community engagement to serve Maywood residents and to contribute to creating a well thought out, fiscally strong and sustainable future for our city.