City of Maywood Elections

On February 9, 2022, the City Council of the City of Maywood designates an independent Elections Official, Resolution No. 6220, they are responsible for conducting the municipal elections and providing election management support.
The City of Maywood's regular General Municipal Election is held on the first Tuesday following the first Monday in November on even-numbered years. The City Council is comprised of five elected council members with staggered four-year terms. 
The next general municipal election will be held on Tuesday, November 8, 2022 for the election of three city council seats and an unexpired two-year term for City Clerk.

Randomized Alphabet Drawing

On the 82nd day before an election, the Secretary of State conducts a randomized drawing of letters of the alphabet pursuant to California Elections Code section 13112. The resulting order of letters constitutes the "randomized alphabet" to be used for determining the order of candidates' names on the ballot.

This alphabet applies throughout the candidate's name, last name first, followed, if necessary, by first name, then middle name. If more than one candidate's last name begins with the same letter, proceed to the second letter and, if needed, the third, etc., until different letters appear in the same position. If the second letter of the last name differs, the second letter of the last name determines who appears first on the ballot, according to where the second letter of the name appears in the randomized alphabet. If the second letters are the same, proceed to the third letter, and so on. For example, if two candidates with the last names Campbell and Carlson are running for the same office, their order on the ballot will depend on the order in which the letters "M" and "R" were drawn in the randomized alphabet drawing.

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