Be Cart Smart!

Container Sizes

Each residence receives one set of carts, consisting of trash (black lid (TIFF)), recycling (blue lid (TIFF)) and green waste (green lid (TIFF)).

  • Trash (black): 96-gallon
  • Recycling (blue): 96-gallon
  • Yard Waste (green): 96-gallon

Additional trash containers are available at a fee. Upon request, you may receive one 1 additional recycling or yard waste container at no charge. More than one will result in an additional fee. Please call the Universal Waste Systems Customer Service Hotline at 800-631-7016 to schedule delivery or replacement.


Carts should be placed with handles facing your house and wheels against the curb. Please keep lids closed to prevent litter and debris from falling onto the street.

Be Cart Smart