General Plan

The General Plan serves as the constitution for the City of Maywood and is intended to guide and influence long-term planning and development in the city for many years to come. The Maywood General Plan is the document that defines the city's long-range intentions regarding the vision, nature and direction of future developments in the City. The state mandates that every local jurisdiction prepare, adopt and maintain a general plan, and has provided guidelines regarding their scope and content.


The General Plan contains goals and policies on what is expected when decisions on public or private developments are presented before the Planning Commission and City Council. The Goals describe optimal conditions; the policies state guidance to facilitate future decision-making providing guidance for City officials. In addition, the city has elected to broaden the scope of the City of Maywood General Plan to examine numerous issues unique or of special concern to the community. The major issues facing the city, which are the focus of this General Plan, include the following:

  • Continued redevelopment and revitalization of the retail commercial areas along Slauson Avenue and Atlantic Boulevard
  • Maintenance and preservation of the existing residential neighborhoods
  • Improving the quality of new development through a thorough re-examination of building and development standards
  • Continued emphasis on promoting new development in the industrial areas, thus providing new employment opportunities
  • Cooperation with other agencies and governments in improving the environment and quality of life for both residents in the city and in the surrounding region


The City of Maywood's General Plan addresses state requirements through the following eight elements:

  • Circulation
  • Conservation
  • Economic Development
  • Housing
  • Land Use
  • Noise
  • Open Space
  • Safety

State law requires internal consistency, meaning that all the goals, policies and objectives within the components of the General Plan cannot conflict with one another and that no one element may take precedence over another. The adopted elements of the General Plan focus on the plans, policies and programs that are to be implemented during the plan's lifetime.


  • Conservation Element (PDF) -  Identifies resources in the city and establishes policies to assist in the management, preservation, or conservation of these resources.
  • Economic Development Element (PDF) - Encourages the revitalization of key commercial and industrial areas of the city
  • Housing Element - Focuses on housing issues and identifies programs to assist residents in need
  • Land Use Element (PDF) - Indicates the future location and extent of development in the city
  • Noise Element (PDF) - Indicates the existing and future noise environment in the city and provides for appropriate mitigation
  • Open Space Element (PDF) -  Identifies policies and programs for preserving and obtaining open space in the city
  • Safety Element. - Identifies man-made and natural hazards that may impact the city in the future
  • Transportation Element (PDF) - This element focuses on existing and future circulation issues in the city.