The City of Maywood is updating its General Plan and as part of this update the eight-year housing plan, called the Housing Element.  The Housing Element is one element of Maywood’s General Plan, which establishes policy direction for long-term development in the City. The Housing Element, update covers the planning period from 2021-2029.  The City believes public input is critical to the drafting the Housing Element and General Plan. The City looks forward to working with its residents throughout this process.

State law requires that every city and county in California have a current Housing Element to address local, regional, and statewide housing issues.  Maywood has been assigned an allocation of approximately 365 new residential units that it must accommodate in its housing plan.  This allocation with our current density can reshape the community which presents a challenge that demonstrates the importance of engaging all Maywood residents in developing this housing plan. 

The City has created a web page to assist with the outreach to the community and allow those who cant make it to the meetings the ability to participate in the process and provide vital information to help update this important document. The link to this web site is: Click here -