Urban Forest Management and Tree Planting Project


What is the Urban Forest Management Plan (UFMP)?

The Urban Forest Management Plan is a strategy/action plan that allows communities to enjoy the benefits of an Urban Forest. Visit https://cem.pg-cloud.com/MaywoodCA#tree-map=14.65/33.99006/-118.18572 to see the City's Urban Tree Canopy, the species, its land use, the status and its diameter.  

What is an Urban Forest? Where does it grow?

An Urban Forest is defined as a collection of woodlands, groups of trees, and individual trees that can be located in any urban area. They can be seen in the form of forests, street trees, trees in parks and gardens. 

What is a Urban Tree Canopy?

A Tree Canopy refers to the layer of leaves, branches, and stems of trees that cover the ground when viewed from above. The Urban Canopy provides storm water management by intercepting rain fall that would otherwise run off of paved surfaces and would run into local waters through the storm drainage systems, that helps pick up various pollutants along the way. 

The Urban Tree Canopy also helps with

  • Reducing the urban heat island effect
  • Reducing heating cooling costs 
  • Lowering air temperatures
  • Reducing air pollution 
  • Increasing property values
  • Beautification to the City
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How are Maywood residents involved in this plan? How can residents help maintain the Urban Forest Management Plan?

  1. Maywood residents can get involved by participating in future community outreach events that the City will be hosting!
  2. Maywood residents can help maintain the Urban Forest Management Plan by reporting any damaged trees, and helping by watering the trees in front of their house. 

What vision does the City of Maywood have for the Urban Forest Management Plan?

The vision the City has for for the Urban Forest Management Plan is to grow, preserve, and maintain both new and old tree canopies. This would help improve the beautification of the City as well as the quality of life for all Maywood residents. 

What is the City's goal for the Urban Forest Management Plan?

The City's goal for the Urban Forest Management Plan is to replace 200 vacant tree sites that will offer the community enhanced safety of street trees through the City of Maywood. Please see the chart below for more information on the list of tree species that will be planted in the City of Maywood. 

List of Tree Species Amount
Tristaniopsis conferta (Brisbane Box) 20
Geijera parviflora (Australian Willow) 25
Robina x ambigua “Purple robe” (Black Locust) 20
Koelreuteria bipinnata (Chinese Flame Tree) 20
Pistacia Chinensis (Chinese Pistach) 25
Platanus x Acerifolia (London Plane) 20
Quercus Agrifolia (Coast Live Oak) 20
Platanus Racemosa (Western Sycamore) 15
Popolus Fremontii (Fremont’s Cottonwood) 30