The Maywood Active Transportation Plan (ATP)

What is the Maywood Active Transportation Plan (ATP)?

The Maywood Active Transportation Plan is a collaboration between the City of Maywood and its residents to promote safe, convenient options for walking, biking, and taking public transportation.

How will the City strive to achieve this vision?

To achieve this vision, the City is preparing a roadmap of potential street treatments and policies to minimize the biggest barriers to getting around Maywood without a car. Input from residents and stakeholders will inform how the City identifies key issue areas and prioritizes funding for local projects to address the community’s needs.

What goals does the Maywood ATP aim for?

The Maywood Active Transportation Plan aims to achieve the following goals to reduce personal vehicle trips:

  • Provide safe and convenient connections to important local destinations including schools, commercial centers, and parks
  • Enhance regional connectivity by improving connections to local public transit services and the Los Angeles River Bicycle Path
  • Improve public health by promoting projects that incentivize recreational activity  
  • Promote economic activity throughout Maywood

Where can I learn more?

You can learn more about the Maywood Active Transportation Plan’s goals, timeline, and upcoming public engagement opportunities on the Maywood Moves website.