Home Safety Incentive Program

The Home Safety Incentive Program works in conjunction with the Neighborhood Watch program which provides residents with opportunities to further enhance community safety by strengthening neighborhood vigilance and security. Start your own Neighborhood Watch Group today! Starting your group is as simple as these five steps. Please see the Neighborhood Watch Manual for more information.

1. Recruit and organize your neighbors (ideal size of 5-10 neighbors per group) 

2. Fill out a Neighborhood Watch Form.

3. Drop off form at Sub-Station or email  Deputy Dwight Aguayo

4.  Host kickoff meeting and establish how regularly the group would like to meet.

5. Discuss community concerns and develop an action plan.  

The Home Safety Incentive Program offers a FREE Ring Doorbell or Solar Floodlight to those residents who host a Neighborhood watch meeting. To qualify you must meet the following criteria:  

1. Fill out an interest form to host a Neighborhood Watch meeting. 

2. Help promote Community Watch meetings.  

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