Reso. No. 6084 - 01.08.2020 - Approving the warrants for payment.pdf

Reso. No. 6085 - Designating Bank Signatories - Finance Director.pdf

Reso. No. 6087 - FY 20-21 CDBG Program Budget.pdf

Reso. No. 6088 - Warrents 1.22.2020.pdf

Reso. No. 6089 - Recognized Obligation Payment Schedule (ROPS 20-21).pdf

Reso. No. 6090- of CC adopting the City's updated 2013-2021 5th cycle Housing Element.pdf

Reso. No. 6091 - Warrents 2.12.2020.pdf

Reso. No. 6092 - Adoption of Resolution appropriating CDBG Funds to provide funding for Sewer Replacement Project.pdf

Reso No. 6093 - Warrants 02.26.2020.pdf

Reso No. 6094 - Amending Fiscal Year 19-20 Budget - MidYear.pdf

Reso No. 6095- Authorizing Destruction of obsolete records.pdf

Reso No. 6097 - Warrants 3.11.2020.pdf

Reso No. 6098 - Adopting list of projects for FY 20-21 funded by SB1.pdf

Reso No. 6099 - Approval of Ratification of the Proclamation of a local emergency-03.17.2020.pdf

Reso No. 6100 -Warrants - 3.25.2020.pdf

Reso No. 6101 - Warrants - 04.08.2020.pdf

Reso No. 6102 - Designation of the City's Agent related to Assistance from the CA Office of Emergency Services.pdf

Reso No. 6103 - Fine Schedule for Violations of the County Health Officer Orders.pdf

Reso No. 6104 - Warrants 04.22.2020.pdf

Reso No. 6105 - Approving Warrants for Payment 05.22.2020.pdf

Reso No. 6106 - CDBG Program Approving cooperation Agreement.pdf

Reso. No. 6107 - Approving Warrants for Payment.pdf

Reso. No. 6108 - Preliminary Approval of Annual Engineers Report for Streest Lighting Assessment Dist FY2020-2021.pdf

Reso. No. 6109 - Initiating Proceedings for Annual Levy of Assessment for Street Lighting Assessment Dist FY2020-2021.pdf

Reso. No. 6110 - Declaring its intention to Levy Annual Assessments for Street Lighting Assessment District FY 2020-2021.pdf

Reso. No. 6111 - Approving Application and Acceptance for Grant Funds for Park and Recreational Improvements.pdf

Reso. No. 6112 - Approving Warrants for Payments -06-10-2020.pdf

Reso. No. 6113 - Approving Amendments to FY 2019-2020 and 2020-2021 CDBG Prg to allocate supplemental funds for CARES Act.pdf

Reso. No. 6114 -Calling and Giving Notice of the Holding of a General Municipal Elections to be held 11.3.2020 for certain Officers.pdf

Reso. No. 6115 - Requesting Board of Supervisors of LA to Consolidate General Municipal Election to be held 11.3.2020 with Statewide General Elec.pdf

Reso. No. 6116 - Adopting Regulations for Candidates for Elective Office pertaining to Candidate Statements - Election to be held 11.3.2020.pdf

Reso. No. 6117 - Approving the Final Engineers Report - Street Lighting Assessment District - SLAD.pdf

Reso. No. 6118 - Authorizing application for and receipt of Local Government Planning Support Grant Program funds.pdf

Reso. No. 6119 - Approving Warrants for Payment - 06.24.2020.pdf

Reso No. 6120 - Approving Annual Sewer Report and Levying Annual Sewer Service Charge for FY 2020-2021.pdf

Reso. No. 6121 - Adopting the Fiscal Year 2020-2021 Operating and Capital Improvement Budget - 06.24.2020.pdf

Reso. No. 6122 - Approving the Final form-of the delingquent harges report for past due for residental rubbish services.pdf

Reso. No. 6123 - Approving the Assignment Agreement for the Exchange of Proposition A Funds between the City of Maywood and the City of West Ho.pdf

Reso. No. 6124 - Supporting the California Schools and Local Communities funding Act.pdf

Reso. No. 6125 Establishing an Appropriations limit for the City of Maywood for FY 2020-2021.pdf

Reso. No. 6126 - Designating Diane R. Gladwell as Election Official for Maywood General Municipal Election to be held 11.3.2020.pdf

Reso. No. 6127 - Approving Warrants for Payment - 07.08.2020.pdf

Reso. No. 6128 - Approving Warrants for Payment 07.22.2020.pdf

Reso. No. 6129 - Approving final form-of delinquent charges report for past due and payable account for residential rubbish svcs rendered by Athens.pdf

Reso. No. 6130 - Designating City Manager Jennifer Vasquez as Municipal Employee Relations Officer.pdf

Reso. No. 6131- Approving the Warrants for Payment - 08.12.2020.pdf

Reso. No. 6132 - Updating the City's Annual Investment Policy-08.12.2020.pdf

Reso. No. 6133 - Resolution of the City of Maywood Establishing a Reserve Policy in the General Fund - 08.12.2020.pdf

Reso. No. 6134 - Resolution Amending the compensation for the Elected City Clerk and the Elected City Treasurer and eliminate Health Benefit.pdf

Reso. No. 6135- Resolution to Approving the Warrants for Payment - 8.26.2020.pdf

Reso. No. 6136 - Resolution Fixing Amount of Revenue from Property Tax Levy for paying PERS - FY 20-21 Pension Tax Levy.pdf

Reso. No. 6137 - Consideration to Adopt A Resolution of the City of Maywood Supporting Balanced Energy Solutions and Maintaining Local Control Of Energy Solutions.pdf

Reso. No. 6138 - Resolution amending the Community Benefit Fund Guidelines and revising Community Benefit Fund Allocation Limits.pdf

Reso. No. 6139 - Franchise Agreement with Universal Waste Systems Inc for Integrated Solid Waste Management Services.pdf

Reso. No. 6140 - Approving the Warrants for Payment - 09.09.2020.pdf

Reso. No. 6141 - Amending FY 2019-2020 Budget in Special Revenue funds Measure R and Measure M.pdf

Reso. No. 6142- Approving amendment to FY 20-21 CDBG Program Budget.pdf

Reso. No. 6143 - Approving the Warrants for Payments 09.23.2020.pdf

Reso. No. 6145 -Appointing James Troyer to serve as Interim Director of Building and Planning pursuant to Government Code Section 21221h.pdf

Reso. No. 6146 - Approving the Warrants for Payment.pdf

Reso. No. 6147 - Approving Participation in the LA Urban Co Permanent Local Housing Allocation Program.pdf

Reso. No. 6148 - Approving the Warrants for Payment for 10.28.2020.pdf

Reso. No. 6149 - Establishing fees for sidewalk vending permits.pdf

Reso. No. 6150 - Approving the Warrants for Payments 12.09.2020.pdf

Reso. No. 6151 - Authorizing the destruction of obsolete documents - 12.09.2021.pdf

Reso. No. 6152 - Reciting the Fact of the General Municipal Elections Held on Tues Nov 3 2020 declaring the results.pdf

Reso. No. 6153 - Adopting an amended Conflict of Interest Code containing revised designated positions.pdf

Reso. No. 6154 - Approving blanket authority to file applications for grant funds from LAC Regional Park for Measure A funding

Reso. No. 6155 - Authorizing the removal of the previous City Treasurer and adding the newly elected City Treasurer Mary Mariscal as authorized signer.pdf