Engineering Department/ Public Works

  The Engineering Department is responsible for the design, inspection, and administration of public works improvements within the City.  The department handles most engineering needs through Transtech; including design, field survey and construction inspection. The City's engineers also manage all land development activities from the drafting of development agreements, plan review, construction inspection, and certification and final review of public improvements. Other department functions include traffic safety, road and intersection capacities and conditions, and environmental projects which can include storm water management, enforcement of erosion control standards, landfill closures, site remediation, and the preservation of wetlands and flood plains.

City Engineering Publications/News:

Ordinance No. 18-07 - FOG

Maywood Industrial Wastewater Permit Application_2019

City of Maywood Speed Hump Policy and Procedures 4-14-21

Notice: Pavement Rehabilitation Project FY 2019/2020 (April 19 , 2021) 

As part of the Pavement Management Program, the City will be rehabilitating various streets throughout the City to improve pavement conditions. 

Construction will be at Atlantic Blvd., Alamo Ave, and Slauson Ave. From April 23, 2021 and Saturday, April 24, 2021.

Construction at 57th St. 60th St. 61st, and Palm Ave. From April 23rd 7am-5pm 

Construction at Maywood Ave 58th St -- April 24 from 7:00am 5:00pm 

Please review the Public Notice of Construction for more details on the project.   For any construction related questions, information, and updates, please contact the Project Inspector, Mario Magliocchetti. ; 909-703-9257.