Phone Directory


City Council
Eduardo De La Riva Mayor (323) 238-9801
Ricardo Lara Mayor Pro-Tem (323) 902-7033
Heber Marquez Council Member (567) 979-0270
Ramon Medina Council Member (323) 833-2301
Carlos Alvarez Council Member

City Clerk's Office

Gerardo Mayagoitia        

City Clerk 323-562-5709

Priscilla Kinnard

Deputy City Clerk 323-562-5714

Donald Wagner Interim City Administrator 323-562-5714
Priscilla Kinnard Acting Executive Assistant 323-562-5714

Ofelia Mancera Director of Finance 323-562-5707
Veronica Alvarez Fund Accountant 323-562-5703
Adrien Perez Accounts Payable 323-562-5705
Raul Herrera Accounts Receivable 323-562-5702


Building and Planning
David Mango Director of Building and Planning 323-562-5721
Arturo Ramirez Building Inspector/Code Compliance Officer 323-562-5724
Dan Garcia City Engineer 310-968-7263
Kevin Hardie Fire Inspector 323-881-7068
Guillermo Padilla Building and Planning Secretary 323-562-5723

Resident and Community Services

Norma Flores Parking Permits and Baseball Field Reservations 323-562-5701
Karla Barajas Parking Permits and Business Licensing  323-562-5704
Guillermo Padilla City Maintenance Requests 323-562-5723
Abel Hernandez Public Works Coordinator 323-562-5706

Parking / Code Enforcement
Arturo Ramirez Building Inspector/Code Compliance Officer 323-562-5724
Alberto Lopez Code Compliance Officer 323-562-5764
James Rogers Senior Parking Enforcement Officer 323-562-5734
Jesse Rodriguez Parking Enforcement Officer 323-562-5734
Enrique Barajas Parking Enforcement Officer 323-562-5734

City Services
Commercial Wast Services 800-947-8224 1530 Date Street, Montebello, CA 90640
U.S Post Office 800-275-8777 4357 Slauson Ave.
Maywood Cesar Chavez Library 323-771-8600 4323 Slauson Ave.
Y.M.C.A 323-588-2256 4801 E. 58th Street
Maywood Express / Dial-A-Ride 323-576-3400 Dispatcher
LA County Animal Control 562-940-6898 11258 Garfiled Ave. Downey, CA 90242
Graffiti Abatement 888-336-3353 Contact to report graffiti
Bee Response Team 562-698-2335 Contact to report a bee problem
Before You Dig Dial 811 Contact before you dig in your yard for any reason
Power Lines 800-655-4555 Contact to clear vegetation from power lines
Power Lines 800-611-1911 Contact to report objects caught in power lines