Phone Directory


City Council

Eduardo De La Riva Mayor (323) 238-9801
Ricardo Lara Mayor Pro-Tem (323) 902-7033
Heber Marquez Council Member (567) 979-0270
Ramon Medina Council Member (323) 833-2301
Carlos Alvarez Council Member

City Clerk's Office

Gerardo Mayagoitia

Elected City Clerk 323-562-5709

Guillermo Padilla

Deputy City Clerk  



Jennifer E. Vasquez City Manager 323-562-5714
Shirley Quinones

Executive Assistant

Edith Carrillo           Administrative Analyst 323-562-5747


 Community Services

Gisselle S. Delgado Community Liaison 323-562-5722


Hrant Manuelian  Director of Finance 323-562-5707
Veronica Alvarez Fund Accountant 323-562-5703
Adrien Perez Accounts Payable 323-562-5705
Raul Herrera Accounts Receivable 323-562-5702

Building and Planning

David Mango

Assistant City Manager/

Director of Building and Planning

Dan Garcia City Engineer 310-968-7263
Kevin Hardie Fire Inspector 323-881-7068
Guillermo Padilla

Building and Planning Secretary

Deputy City Clerk


Planning Commission

Carmen Perez Chairwoman
Reyna Mendez Vice Chairwoman
Alondra Olmos Commissioner
Raul Rodriquez Commissioner
Jessica Torres  Commissioner 

Resident and Community Services

Norma Flores Parking Permits and Baseball Field Reservations 323-562-5701
Karla Barajas Parking Permits and Business Licensing  323-562-5704
Guillermo Padilla City Maintenance Requests 323-562-5723
Abel Hernandez Public Works Coordinator 323-562-5706

Parking / Code Enforcement

Alberto Lopez Code Compliance Officer 323-562-5730
James Rogers Senior Parking Enforcement Officer 323-562-5734
Jesse Rodriguez Parking Enforcement Officer 323-562-5734

City Services

Universal Waste Systems 1-800-631-7016
U.S Post Office 800-275-8777 4357 Slauson Ave.
Maywood Cesar Chavez Library 323-771-8600 4323 Slauson Ave.
Y.M.C.A 323-588-2256 4801 E. 58th Street
Maywood Express / Dial-A-Ride 323-576-3400 Dispatcher
LA County Animal Control 562-940-6898 11258 Garfield Ave. Downey, CA 90242
Graffiti Abatement 888-336-3353 Contact to report graffiti
Bee Response Team 562-698-2335 Contact to report a bee problem
Before You Dig Dial 811 Contact before you dig in your yard for any reason
Power Lines 800-655-4555 Contact to clear vegetation from power lines
Power Lines 800-611-1911 Contact to report objects caught in power lines