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 November 28, 2019

On Wednesday, November 27th at a Regularly Scheduled Maywood City Council meeting, the Council unanimously terminated the CWS Agreement for Collection of Solid Waste. This decision was made after conducting a Public Hearing.  
Consequently, staff was tasked to engage into an emergency agreement to collect solid waste immediately. Due to the need for immediate and reliable services, staff reached out to Athens Services. Athens has been collecting solid waste for the past 60 years. They provide consistent and quality environmental services to more than 250,000 customers in the 50 plus communities they serve.  
Due to the Thanksgiving Holiday, Athens will begin on Friday, November 29th. Athens will
provide services generally consistent with those specified in the now terminated CWS Agreement, at the rates specified in that agreement.   Per the termination Resolution CWS is to reimburse all customers within 15 days of adoption of the resolution for services not yet rendered.
Athens will assign an abundance of resources to get the city serviced and back on track. Beginning Friday they will sweep the residential areas for bulky items and Saturday they will deploy vehicles to pick up all residential waste and clean up the excess for the commercial customers. Additionally, their customer service call center will be extending their hours until 7 pm on Saturday to field any questions from residents. 
Athens Services Customer Service Hotline (888) 336-6100